This year has gone by so fast.

Overall it has been very good to me.

I know that each day that passes I’m one step closer to being in Japan.

…one step closer to being fluent in Japanese.

…one step closer to fulfilling the promises I made to myself over a year ago now.

And it’s nice. It’s nice to feel that way.

I feel like, despite a couple of things, I have a much better relationship with my parents that I ever had before. And my sister.

That’s a good feeling too.

Blessed? Is that what I’m trying to say?

This time NEXT year is going to be a very different thing.

I’ll be in a new town. Or…an old town, rather?

I’ll be living with my Grandparents instead of roommates. And the first time in years I’ve lived with out Jessica a room away? What an odd thing.

I’ll hopefully actually have TONS of money saved due to not having to pay rent. That in itself…will definitely be a change.

I’ll no longer be employed at store 495 like I’ve been for over 5 years. But…maybe still under the big blue box somewhere else?

What type of surprises with 2013 have in store for me?

Will I still be watching Jdramas everyday? Will I have started on reading my first Japanese novel? Will I know exactly when I’ll be leaving for Japan?

So many questions. So many things to be excited for.