It’s going to be quite the blasty blast getting back to working instead of LIVING THE PERFECT DREAMWORLD that is PAX.

Today, again with the 30/30, I’m going at it like a BOSS with the Japanese.

While yesterday we were all about the Kanji “radicals” and such, today it’s been a mix of sentence “enders” like か….(which basically makes it a question) and how to combine that with the です we learned earlier.

So, for instance…

We could say:  いちご ですか。 (is it a strawberry?)

Then you could answer : はい、いちご です (Yes, it is a strawberry.)

Oh, so I guess we learned はい means “yes” but well…I knew that already.

It’s also important to note that you CAN ask a question with か (which you basically do by raising your tone at the end of a sentence like in English) but we aren’t quite getting to that part yet.